Rhoose Village

The photographs in this gallery are of the beaches around Rhoose and Rhoose point. We usually have some idea of dates from comparisons with known features such as build dates of certain building or structures.

There is an ancient footpath from the village to Rhoose beach. This follows the border between the parishes of Porthkerry and Penmark from the centre of the village, down the eastside footpath of Station Road, across the railway crossing and straight down the slope to the beach. Rhoose point has been quarried for many years for limestone leaving a hollow behind the cliffs, parts of which have filled with groundwater to form lagoons. The area has since been reclaimed for housing and a nature reserve. The beaches along this coast have remained largely unchanged for centuries, baring the occasional cliff fall. The geology is from the Lias period (about 400 million years old). The area was a shallow sea, and over millions of years the shells of sea creatures were compressed to form the limestone layers visible today. There are many examples of fossils to be found in the rocks here.